Diafvine & Co.Ltd.
established 2002
In the autumn of 2002, DIAFVINE was founded by designer Kim Seung Rae. As a brand launched for the first time in Korea, which was the backbone of street scene at the time,
we have been boldly introducing quality fabrics and various subsidiary materials produced in the US, Europe and Japan.
With those excellent materials, we are leading the domestic scene by constantly striving for quality. Especially, in the domestic leather jacket genre, we are going for the coming decade, aiming at world wide development with unrivaled expertise and diversity. / Director : Kim Seung Rae
2002년 가을에 디자이너 김승래에 의해 설립되었으며

당시 스트리트 씬의 미개척지 였던 국내에서 최초로 런칭된 브랜드로서, 현재에 이르기까지

미국,유럽,일본 에서 생산되는 품질좋은 원단 및 각종 부자재등을 과감히 도입하며

품질향상을 위해 끊임없이 노력하는 도전 정신과 퀄리티로 인정받으며 국내씬을 리드해 가고 있습니다.

특히 국내 레더자켓 장르에서는 전문성과 다양성으로 타의 추종을 불허하며 ,

월드와이드 전개를 목표로 다가오는 또 다른 10년을 위해 나아가고 있습니다.

/ Director : Kim Seung Rae

Brand history

2002.9 Start

2004.6 Collaboration with USA/Japan Brand MAIDEN NOIR jacket/tee model progress

2005.Collaboration with USA/Japan Brand MAIDEN NOIR Denim/jacket/tee model progress

2006.Collaboration with USA/Japan Brand MAIDEN NOIR tee model progress

2008.September 25, 1st Runway Show Blackchist by DIAFVINE.

2010.SS/FW Collaboration with British brogue shoe brand Tricker’s model progress

2010.FW Collaboration with Germany liqueur brand Jägermeister leather jacket proceed

2012.SS March, Collaboration of Gentle Monster in domestic eyewear brand

2013.FW Collaboration with Japanese brand backbone Leather jacket and leather engineered boots

2015.FW The First Collaboration riders jacket in Korea with Schott NYC

2017.SS UK George Cox Collaboration Model Progress

2018.SS 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia collaboration garments with US Budweiser